Envirionmental Responsibility

To be honest, the best method of living a sustainable lifestyle is by using up our clothing: not to simply give in to all the temptations offered to us!                                                                         

Just this is almost inconceivable to many of us considering the consumer society we live in. 

Our goal is to create and produce goods which in the long run will be satisfying in Design and Quality for the customer. 

Right from the start, we consider the environmental impact of our production when selecting the raw materials we use:

- Organic Cotton

- ECO Wool

- Organic Linen

- Recycled Polyester

- Tencel (Lyocell)

Our production team in Jiaxing, led by Candy Guo Lin, checks all the details of the origin of the materials used and tests each product line to guarantee our high quality standard.

A lot of effort goes into style development, the Design team under Philipp Langer is persistently working on patterns, functionality and performance. Our uniquely styled jackets are timeless, they fit in perfectly with the modern trend of today. 

Nowadays, the fashion industry floods the market with overproduction. As it is our aim to use our resources sparingly, we produce precisely according to our customer’s demand. 

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