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„Fashion meets function - every good jacket needs a suitable fabric! We watch out for quality, sustainability and durability.“


Our sustainable fabrics


Timeless design meets sustainable production – that’s what the German-Chinese fashion label LangerChen stands for. We work everyday to create sustainable coats and jackets that convince by good appearance and a high wear comfort. Our top priority: our fabrics. We attach particular importance to high quality and high-level functionality. Therefore, we always choose the ideal fabric for every occasion. With our expertise in sustainable materials, we have put a special focus on outdoor fabrics based on natural fibers.


Therefore, our team is constantly working on the development of new sustainable fabrics which we can use for our collections. Organic cotton, hemp and linen are just some examples of the beautiful and natural raw materials we are relying on to produce our sustainable LangerChen jackets and coats. We mainly emphasize on sustainable materials for our creations. To guarantee our sincerity in this field, our factory is certified for the Global Organic Textil Standard, GOTS.    



Our sustainable materials


We are always updating our fabrics to reach the best sustainable standards. These are the materials of our spring/summer collection 2017:






  • organic cotton
  • linen
  • lyocell
  • recycled polyester 

    To complete our fashionable outdoor collection, we add seasonally appropriate fabrics, always created with respect to the most sustainable practice that we can achieve: organic linen, soft lyocell and so on... our development never stops.



    Functional & fashionable


    Thanks to all the effort we put into research and development of new fabrics, we have achieved lightweight and warming clothing. Our fabrics do not only look good but they are also very functional. Not without good reason, our speciality are laminated fabrics that are comfortably elastic while being waterproof and windbreaking. The technical membrane we created adds more functionality to our outdoor styles. The combination of a windbreaking membrane and the look of natural fibers turns our jackets and coats into fashionable picks for everyone who is on the search for a cool style and useful features. 


    Our fabrics don't only look good but they are also very functional. For example, our Storm Pop is waterproof, Rhomb is windbreaking and all of our jackets and coats are breathable. Sounds interesting? Then check out the details of our sustainable fabrics: 


    Which one is your perfect sustainable fabric?



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