Jiecco is beside our manufactory of high quality garments a supplier of sustainable fabrics. Our R&D Fabricteam is constantly working on the development of sustainable fabrics. We emphasize mainly on sustainable materials for our creations. To guarantee our sincerity in this field our factory is certified for the Global Organic Textil Standard, GOTS.                         



                                 With our expertise in sustainable materials,we have put a special focus on Outdoor fabrics, based on natural fibers.






We call them our “NATURAL SOFTSHELLS”:

The shell in organic cotton or eco wool features an inner layer made of soft, pliable organic cotton jersey, separated from the outer layer by a wafer thin breathable polyurethane membrane making them wind and waterproof. 



is our fall and winter fabric for which we use traditional Tyrolean style boiled eco wool. The boiled wool is naturally water repellent and voluminous while being lightweight and stretchable. The membrane is windstopping and waterproof, while being always breathable. This combination makes it perfect for winter and fall wear, warm, lighweight and comfortable.   


Another of our softshell fabrics is STORM POP which is a natural softshell made from Poplin, sourced from the finest organic cotton of Central Asia. Its clean outlooking, PFC free  water repellent finish, making it a sophisticated  and sporty rainwear. Membrane and the soft organic cotton lining render the protecting properties as waterproof and wind stopping. whatever the weather mightbe, jackets and coats from this fabric are ideal for all-year casual wear.


Thru all of these characteristics combined we achieve lightweight yet warming clothing which boast elasticity for comfort, single layered garments -no loose linings - and a laminated organic cotton reverse that is skin sensitive.


Completing our fashionable Outdoor collection, we add seasonally appropriate fabrics, always created with respect to the most sustainable practice that we can achieve: organic linens, soft Tencels and so on ….. as development never stops.