Linen is a strong and tearproof natural material that is made of flax fibers. We especially love it's durability and it's beautiful look: Linen yarn owns a natural unevenness that is incomparable to every other industrially manufactured yarn. Furthermore, we emphasize this cool and casual look because we pre-wash our linen so that it's slightly wrinkled. This effect turns our linen coats and jackets into great fashion pieces. In addition, they are highly functional: Linen is a great material for outdoor wear because it's dirt-repellent, lint-free, antistatic and even bactericide.

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Coated Linen



  • Outside: 100% organic linen
  • Reverse: polyurethane coating

Our Coated Linen is a great material for lightweight summer jackets. This natural fabric has a cool look and provides a casual feeling – perfect for your next summer look! In addition, due to the coating on the inside, our Coated Linen holds off the wind which can be very helpful if a gentle breeze blows in the evening. 

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