Lyocell (we use Tencel) is what we call an all-rounder: It has a smooth surface, a soft skin sensation and has warming AND cooling qualities at it’s deposal. In addition, Tencel is a highly sustainable material: It consists of eucalyptus wood cultivated in a sustainable way and its production requires less water than cotton.



Tencel Twill


  • Outside: 100% lyocell
  • Reverse: polyurethane coating


This fabric is one of our favourite materials during the summer months for lots of reasons. First: It’s extremely soft and a delight do touch. Our Tencel Twill is made of 100% lyocell (or, in other words: wood), which is a great renewable raw material. Second: Thanks to the reverse coating of polyurethane, it’s wind breaking but (which is point number three) stays breathable.

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